Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

Daltron AVR 1kVA to 2000kVA

Automatic Voltage Stabilizers – Daltron AVR 1kVA to 2000kVA

Daltron AC Automatic Voltage Stabilizers (AVR) are designed to deliver efficient, stable and reliable mains supply to critical loads in data centres, commercial and industrial facilities, offices, hospitals, and homes. Daltron Servo-Controlled stabilizers offer wide input range and stable, regulated output for both single phase and three phase models. The application of superior engineering, high quality components, and quality manufacturing systems have earned Daltron a reputation for safety and comprehensive protection against under-voltage, high-voltage, short-circuit, and over-load. Daltron’s reliable performance is legendary even in very rigorous and demanding environments. The SVC and DBW/SBW models are available for a variety of applications. Please consult SystemTrust Application Engineers for guidance on the model that will be suitable for your application.

SVC single-phase and three-phase high accuracy fully-automatic AC voltage stabilizer
(AVR)RANGE: 1kVA to 60kVA

General Features

The Daltron SVC fully automatic voltage stabilizer consists of high performance contact voltage regulator, control circuits, transformers and servo motor. When input voltage or load changes, the control circuit will sense and amplify the voltage, and the servo motor will rotate in the desired direction, which turns the arm, adjusting voltage until the output voltage is regulated to the rated output voltage. The SVC model comes in single phase and 3-phase options. It has a compact design, very efficient, and highly reliable for “always on” operations. It is the central servo stabilizer of choice in Computer Data Centres, Hospitals, Industrial facilities, Offices and Homes.

SVC Technical Specs:

Input Voltage : 140-260 VAC , 1 phase, 380V +-20% or 30% for 3-phase
Transformer : Pure Copper
Output Voltage : 220 VAC 1phase, 380VAC 3-phase
Type : Suitable for unbalanced Load & supply conditions
Cooling : Air -cooled with inbuilt Cooling Fans
Ambeint Temp : -5oC to 45oC.
Rate of Correction : 60 V/sec
Enclosure : Enclosed in sheet metal box with wheels for mobility.
Protection : Over-voltage, Over-load, Under-Voltage, Short circuit, etc.
Display : Analogue, Digital, LCD options


    Adjustable electronic alarm circuit for monitoring output volts with cut off facility through Contactor Manual re-start Input / Output Voltmeter MCB at input for overload and short circuit protection. Ammeter

DBW.SBW series single-phase and three-phase fully-automatic compensated voltage stabilizer (AVR).
RANGE: 10kVA to 2000kVA

General Features

Daltron DBW-SBW series single-phase and three-phase fully automatic compensated voltage stabilizer (AVR) is designed for stabilizing AC voltage and made with European advanced technology. The AVR keeps output voltage in steady state automatically when the power network voltage fluctuates or the load current varies. Using advanced technology, the system delivers large capacity, high efficiency, no wave distortion, stable voltage adjustment, suitability for all kinds of loads, bearing instantaneous overload, working continually for long time, as well as freely transferring between manual control and automatic control.

The AVR system has inbuilt protection against over-voltage, over current, phase failure and protection for phase sequence and has following merits: small volume, light weight, convenient installation and reliable long time operation. It can be applied to large type electro-mechanical equipment, metal processing equipment, office-complex, data centre, production line, construction device, elevator, campus, medical equipment, equipment of light and textile industry, air-condition, household appliance and lighting used for industry, agriculture, traffic, military, railways, airport, and other facilities where voltage stabilization is required.

The product is used indoors, the normal service conditions for it as follows:

  • Temperature environment: -5 to 45oC
  • Altitude:<1,000 m
  • Relative humidity: 90%
  • No gas, steam, chemical precipitate, dust, dirt or any explosive or corrosive medium,
  • which can seriously affect the insulation of voltage stabilizer in the installation place.
  • No serious vibration or jolt in the installation place.

Main technical characteristics
  • Input voltage:
  • Three-phase: 380V +-20% or 380V +-30% (to be selected when ordering)
  • Single phase:220V +-25% or 220V+-35% (140V – 270V)
  • Output voltage:
  • Three-phase: three-phase four-wire phase voltage 220V, wire voltage 380V
  • Single-phase: 220V
  • Accuracy of output voltage: 2-5% (adjustable)
  • Efficiency:95% ( power class: more than 50KVA)
  • Response speed:1.5S (when outside voltage has 10% of change)
  • Waveform distortion: no additive waveform distortion
  • Protection:protection against over voltage , over current , phase failure and machine fault, as well as phase sequence protection (single-phase and three-phase 150KVA below has no phase failure and is provided with phase sequence protection).
  • Voltage stabilization, convenient switching for commercial power (single phase has no function)
  • Start automatically or manually (can be chosen) when power is on.
  • Can work continuously for a long time without anybody attending.
  • Insulation resistance: 2M-ohm
  • Electric strength: bear power frequency sine voltage 2,000V for 1 min without breakdown or flash over.
  • Overload capability: 2 times rated current, keeping 1 min (voltage stabilizer special for elevator and CT)