In assisting companies to develop IS security policies and procedures, regulatory compliance and integration of IS security in their business models for the achievement of competitive advantage, SystemTrust has proven to be a trusted ally to numerous organizations in Nigeria.
SystemTrust security training programs cover vendor-specific certification programs, and security compliance training. The vendor certification programs such as AccessData Certified Examiner, TrustWave Certifications, etc are delivered using official curriculum and training kits from the vendors and delivered by Certified Trainers at Authorized Training facilities or specially arranged at customers sites.
Education is key to effective IS security compliance in organizations. SystemTrust high-impact training programs are designed to build your

organization’s capacity as your staff develop skill-sets and security-conscious attitudes, which ultimately forms part of your organizational culture. We organize specialized Developer Security Training to empower application developers to build adequate security mechanisms in their codes to reduced their application vulnerability to hackers.

Our experts work with our clients to identify their IS security requirements and threats. We design effective and efficient solutions around those identified needs. Today’s IS security market is awash with so many products designed for different purposes and implementation scenarios. Choosing the right solution can be quite daunting for CIOs, IT managers and Risk Compliance Managers. SystemTrust’s expertise, global partnerships, and many years of experience in the IS industry are leveraged to provide suitable solutions to the customer.

Our insight and approach have been quite valuable to clients in government, MNCs, financial services, telecom, system integrators, risk & compliance managers, and auditors.