Daltron Online Inverters/Static UPS, Telecom Inverters

Daltron online Inverters are designed to provide pure sine wave, continuous power to various kinds of load in the event of power outage. These reliable electronic generators are powering various ATM machines in Nigeria with over 72hrs full autonomy, and with SNMP remote monitoring functions. Daltron Inverters are delivering reliable power to various homes, banks, offices, industrial and telecom sites. These have been installed and supported by SystemTrust and our re-sellers. SystemTrust sells and supports Daltron, Xantrex and Magnum Inverters.


Daltron is the leader in high quality power protection, power backup, and renewable energy solutions for homes, offices, datacentres and factories. The Daltron Hulk pure sinewave online inverters are highly reliable, rugged and safe electronic generators (e-Gen) designed for a variety of appliances. Based on advanced DSP technology, the Inverters come in single phase (1:1) and three phase (3:3) configurations. These state-of-the-art digital inverter systems provide pure, regulated power to your sensitive equipment, and ensure the operational continuity of your home appliances, telecom and data centre infrastructure. Day or night, all year round, Daltron provides electric power security.

  • Inverter System with DSP and PWM technologies
  • Pure Sinewave
  • Ultra-fast transfer time (computers and routers do not re-start at mains failure)
  • Faster Battery Recharge Time
  • Intelligent Battery Management (IBM) and Battery Protection Technology
  • Battery Temperature Control helps improve battery life
  • Protection against short-circuit, over-voltage, under-voltage, over-charge, overload, reverse-polarity
  • Silent Operation
  • LCD and LED dual display
  • Environment friendly
  • Generator-compatible
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Easy to install and operate
  • ISO 9001, CE, and SONCAP certified
  • Battery Equalization system (optional)
  • RS232 and SNMP remote monitoring (optional)

DSP and PWM Technologies: Daltron Inverters are based on the world’s most advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technologies, which guarantee pure and stable power output – the best power for your sensitive equipment.

Pure Sinewaveoutput with stable voltage and frequency is supplied to the load.

IBM Charging Technology: Intelligent Battery Management improves Power Factor up to 0.9 and cuts down your electricity bills.

Software Gateway: Assess System Configuration (ASC Technology) verifies and monitors all critical system parameters at the time of system startup and during the running of the system.

Inbuilt thR (optional): Time Delay Relay may be integrated 9as an option) to safeguard compressor-equipped appliances during changeover period with a minimum time delay of 3 minutes.

Peak Load Peak Output:This special feature is incorporated to ensure smooth running of the system, solves the problem of cold start and ensure high peak handling capability.

Battery Friendly Technologies:Daltron is designed with battery-friendly features such as temperature control, IBM charging, fast charging, over-charge protection, deep discharge protection, reverse polarity protection, DC breakers, etc. Daltron standardizes the limit of temperature inside the battery by controlling the parameters of charging, thereby improving battery life. Effectively works with every type of battery (SMF, AGM VRLA, Tubular, Gel, etc)

LCD and LED Panels: Inbuilt LCD and LED display panel gives continuous information about system status.

Static UPS: This feature eliminates any chance of computers or network devices re-booting during AC transfer time. This has made Daltron Hulk online Inverter the product of choice for extended power backup at Homes, Offices, Servers Rooms, ATMs, Telecom Sites and Data Centres.

Charging Current: The Charging Current ranges from 10A to 20A and is settable between low charging and high charging depending on the battery capacity and desired recharge time.

RANGE: The Daltron Hulk online Inverter ranges from 2.5kVA single phase to 100kVA 3phase.

Capacity DC Voltage Phase(in/out) Model Qualities Of Batteries(100AH to 200AH)
850VA 12V 1:1 Saphire 1
1.5kVA 24V 1:1 Saphire 2
2.5kVA 48V 1:1 Hulk UPS 4
3kVA 48V 1:1 Hulk UPS 4
5kVA 48V 1:1 Hulk UPS 4
5kVA 96V 1:1 Hulk UPS 8
6kVA 120V 1:1 Hulk UPS 10
7.5kVA 120V 1:1 Hulk UPS 10
10kVA 180V 1:1 Hulk UPS 15
15kVA 180V 1:1 Hulk UPS 15
15kVA 360V 3:3 Hulk UPS 30
20kVA 360V 3:3 Hulk UPS 30
30kVA 360V 3:3 Hulk UPS 30
40kVA 360V 3:3 Hulk UPS 30
50kVA 360V 3:3 Hulk UPS 30
60kVA 360V 3:3 Hulk UPS 30
80kVA 360V 3:3 Hulk UPS 30
100kVA 360V 3:3 Hulk UPS 30

APPLICATION: Computer. Telecom. ATM, Lighting, Deep Freezer, Air Conditioner, Petrol Pumps, Hotels, Mall, Banks, Hospital, Home and Kitchen Appliances, Weigh Bridges, Elevators.