Our services include Power Audit, System Design, Installation, Maintenance & Support, Repairs and Project Management


Professional power audit is necessary in the determination of the power requirement and system sizing of any power infrastructure. In this exercise, our engineers conduct live measurements on the electrical loads, check the appropriateness of cable sizing, control devices, distribution devices, redundancy devices, safety devices, high voltage and low voltage systems, and earthing systems. A report is generated and submitted to the client to give a clear understanding of the state of the power infrastructure.


This involves the sizing of the power system (AVR, UPS, Inverter, Solar or Hybrid), determining the present and future load requirements, backup requirements, requirements of sensitive equipment, redundancy requirements, and the special needs of the client. The client is usually involved in every stage of the design process and their understanding of the design and approval must be obtained before the project could proceed.


SystemTrust follows professional procedures in site survey, site preparation, transportation and positioning of power equipment and battery banks. Our engineers and installers follow manufacturer's speficied guidelines in product installation, testing and commissioning.


SystemTrust never drops a box and walk away. We care for every product and customer. Our objective is to ensure that every customer derives maximum value from every product or solution. Therefore, we have a suite of preventive maintenance and support programs for our customers to ensure optimal product performance.


Our technicians and engineers have received hardware-level and software training from manufacturers of the products that we implement. This enables us to professionally repair faulty equipment with spare parts which are sourced directly from our equipment manufacturers.


Our project managers ensure that every project is efficiently managed from planning stage to project delivery. We work very hard to ensure that projects are delivered within the specified quality, time and cost. We adopt modern project management techniques in the monitoring and management of our projects.