Why SystemTrust?

SystemTrust is about you - OUR CUSTOMER. Our innovative products and solutions are centred around the customer’s needs. We recognize your need for comfort at home and we designed the Daltron Home Power solution to ensure continuous supply of pure power to your home. We know the needs of your critical Networks, Servers, ATM, Hospital, DataCentre and Telecoms for operational continuity, power purity and precision, and so we designed a variety of solutions and partnered with leading global players in this area to offer the best solutions. We know the needs of the industrial sector for ruggedness and resilience, and we provided a range of Industrial-class power solutions.

SystemTrust PROTECTS. SystemTrust’s solutions enhance the life-span of your electronic appliances through the protective and power purification mechanism built into our equipment. As you may be aware, POWER has remained the principal cause of equipment failure at homes, offices and industries. Unregulated power weakens and destroys your electronic equipment gradually and drastically reduces its design-life or performance. We protect you from these power hassles.

SystemTrust SAVES. When the life of your valuable equipment is cut short by unregulated power, you lose an asset. However, our range of power solutions are here to save those valuable assets, through the constant supply of regulated clean power any time, any day.

SystemTrust delivers QUALITY and VALUE. Our solutions are COST-EFFECTIVE. You do not have to “break the bank” in order to have world-class solutions or enjoy high quality products and services. We are innovative and flexible in pricing, even as we maintain a non-compromise policy on high quality of products and services.

SystemTrust CARES. We care about you - our customer. We care about your valuable assets. We listen to your needs and profer advice or design innovative and reliable solutions to effectively accomplish those needs. We must add tangible value to your life or business, else you do not need us.

We care about the environment. We are proud to be an environment-friendly company, confidently working towards a greener future.

Our Mission

We listen to our customers. We create innovative, high quality and cost-effective solutions to exceed their expectations, thereby adding value to their lives and businesses.

Our Vision

We shall be the no. 1 provider of high quality and cost-effective power management and digital security solutions in Nigeria, creating exciting experiences for our customers, employees and other stakeholders.

Our Promises

  • Every product and solution will be of high quality.
  • Professionalism will be reflected in all that we do.
  • We cherish our Integrity.
  • The Customer is King and will be so treated at all times.
  • We will be innovative and take advantage of new technologies.

Our Essence

Create solutions that add value to our customers and the community.