Get Reliable and Stable Power for your home

Helping families switch to renewable energy is what we do. We strive to make renewable energy solutions simple, accessible and affordable. We provide reliable, sustainable, and clean energy solutions for homes eliminating high electricity bills and the noise and impact of running generators, giving you total energy independence.

Switching to Solar and other renewable sources can reduce your electricity bills by more than 80%!

We are backed by many years of residential solar system design and installations throughout Nigeria. SystemTrust ICT Limited is a leader in the solar energy solutions industry and can confidently offer residential homeowners the added security and peace of mind of designing and installing a solar system to fulfil almost any energy requirement.

Our in-house solar experts will advise you on the available solar solution options to cater for your immediate energy needs and future requirements. We will take all the factors unique to your home and to your energy requirements into consideration.


Why Choose our Residential Solutions?

Energy Independence

Generating your own electricity from the sun gives you energy independence and breaks your over-reliance on grid and fuel.

Constant Supply

Solar is a very reliable and constant source of power with almost zero downtime giving you peace of mind and the freedom to live your life.

Cost Savings

Save cost on electricity bills and generator maintenance with our affordable solar systems. We strive to make solar simple, accessible and affordable for all

Ready to switch to a cleaner, affordable and reliable energy source?

We’re experts at designing systems that work for our customers and can help you choose the best system for your home energy needs. Get in touch with our Solar Experts to get the best solution to that fits you.

About Us

Our mission is to create innovative, high quality, and cost-effective solutions which exceed customers’ expectations, thereby adding value to their lives, companies and
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