Our Solutions

Systemtrust is a leading provider of solar solutions that deliver reliable 24/7 uninterrupted power supply to households, businesses, banks, telcos, hospitals, server rooms etc. 

Check out our solutions below:

Solar Solution for homes

We are backed by many years of residential and commercial solar system design and installations throughout Nigeria. SystemTrust ICT Limited is a leader in the solar energy solutions industry and can confidently offer residential homeowners the added security and peace of mind of designing and installing a solar system to fulfil almost any energy requirement. Our in-house solar experts will advise you on the available solar solution options to cater for your immediate energy needs and future requirements. We will take all the factors unique to your home and to your energy requirements into consideration. Installing a solar system in your home will not only save on your monthly electricity usage bill, but will also give you energy security for years to come.

Solar Solution for businesses

At Systemtrust we have a track record of delivering complete solar solutions to businesses in Nigeria. Our cost-effective renewable energy solutions give your business constant power supply. With the current spate of grid collapse and irregular power supply, businesses like yours are switching to solar to cut down costs. We provide reliable, sustainable, and independent energy for businesses, giving them total control over electricity usage and cost reduction as well as providing a friendly environment void of noise and other environmental pollution. With over 21 years in the renewable energy business in Nigeria, SystemTrust ICT Limited caters to varying needs of enterprises such as organizations, hospitals, companies, educational institutions, offices, etc.

Solar Storage & Backup Systems

Systemtrust is a leading provider of solar storage solutions and power backup systems for Server rooms, ATMs and other sensitive IT Infrastructure. Our clientele cuts across Banks, Telcos, Oil and Gas, and other leading commercial enterprises. We provide high quality Inverter Systems, UPS, AVRs, and other components to give your system effective backup and prevent downtime.

Solar System Maintenance

We are the trusted operations and maintenance partner for many businesses in Nigeria. We deliver peace of mind over your system’s lifetime and can maintain optimal performance through EV charger, battery, solar panel maintenance, inverter maintenance, service, repairs and cleaning.