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Solar Energy Company in Lagos


We are a foremost solar energy company in Lagos, Nigeria. We offer cost-effective alternative power solutions to commercial and private entities. Our innovative products and solutions are centered around our customer’s needs. We recognize your need for comfort at home, so we designed our range of power solutions to ensure the continuous supply of pure power to your homes and businesses.

Why Choose SystemTrust Solar Energy Solutions?

Quick Savings on Electricity Bills

With our Residential Or Commercial Solar Solution, you can cut down on your electricity bills.

Customised Solution that Fits your Energy Needs

Our solutions are tailor-made to fit your specific energy requirement. No matter what you intend to power at home or in your business, we have a solution for you.

Quality Products and Solutions

Our innovative products and solutions are of the highest quality. We have grown through forming strategic partnerships with International product manufacturers and distributors thereby giving us the edge in quality and excellent service delivery.

Amazing After Sales Support

Our solution doesn't just end after Installation. We have amazing customer support and after-sales service team, that helps you resolve all queries and makes sure you receive an optimal and timely resolution to any post-installation issues.

Our Solutions

Solar Energy Company in Lagos - SystemTrust ICT Limited

Residential Solar Solution for Homes

Are you tired of high electricity bills and an erratic power supply to your home? Get our residential solar packages. With SystemTrust Residential Solar Solutions, say good bye to power cuts and high electricity bills, and enjoy 24/7 power supply. Choose from our full home solar installation packages, inverter-only installation packages etc. Our solutions depend on your energy requirements and are designed to give you optimal energy efficiency with high quality components like inverters, solar panels, batteries etc. to  ensure constant & reliable power supply to your home.

Commercial Solar Solution for Businesses

With the current spate of grid collapse and irregular power supply, businesses like yours are switching to solar to cut down costs.

 With the rising cost of diesel for power generation leading to a high increase in the overhead costs of running the business, relying on power from the grid might affect efficiency and reduce productivity.


Commercial Solar Energy Company in Lagos
Solar Energy Company in Lagos-Systemtrust Solar Storage for Server Rooms

Solar Storage Solutions

Systemtrust is a leading provider of solar storage solutions and power backup systems for Server rooms, ATMs and other sensitive IT Infrastructure. Our clientele cuts across Banks, Telcos, Oil and Gas, and other leading commercial enterprises. We provide high quality Inverter Systems, UPS, AVRs, and other components to give your system effective backup and prevent downtime. 

Solar System Maintenance

Need a trusted Service Provider  that can maintain your existing solar installations? Our highly trained technicians can help you carry out Energy management, Assessment Audits, Maintenance and Repair of your already existing systems:

  • Battery replacement, top-off (for flooded batteries), desulphation (can improve the life of old batteries), equalization.

  • Solar panel repositioning, cleaning, and expansion.

  • Charge controller and inverter repair/upgrade

systemtrust solar energy company in Lagos - Solar System Maintenance

Our Vision

To provide pure power solutions using innovative technologies, reliable systems and people.

Our solutions help you save money and reduce over-reliance on the grid by tailoring a Solar PV system to your home or business electricity demand. We give you the best technical solution and an attractive Return on Investment.


Our goal is to create innovative, high quality and cost effective solar solutions tailored to your energy needs.

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Get Customized Energy Evaluation

We do an energy audit and evaluate your energy needs to recommend customized solutions for your home and business.

Installation & Maintenance

We install a customized solution for your home or business to cater to all your energy needs.


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Our Clients

Over the years we've had the pleasure of working with amazing brands who trust us with their energy needs.

Our Projects

Lekki Project

Solar Storage Project


Residential Installation

Installation of Residential Solar Solution in Lekki, Lagos

Commercial Installation

Installation of 3.5kva System for a Business in Lagos

Residential Solar Installation

Commercial Solar Solution

Installation of 20kva Solar Solution


As a leading solar energy company we collaborate with you to deliver a system that meets your energy needs with high quality equipment wether you want to install the system on your own or you need us to install and manage the system, we've got you covered.