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Solar Energy Company in Lagos - SystemTrust (ICT) Limited

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Company Profile

We are a leading solar energy company in Lagos, Nigeria, that offers reliable solar and renewable energy solutions to both commercial and private entities.

SystemTrust (ICT) LTD was established in 2001 with the objective of providing world-class information communication technology, power and digital security solutions to organisations.
Since inception, We have grown through forming strategic alliances as well as enhancing our in-house capabilities in order to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.
The company has been noted for the provision of prompt and efficient services. This has been as a result of our philosophy of providing client-tailored, service-based innovative solutions and in-depth understanding of our customers’ individual needs backed by highly experienced professionals.

Our Solutions

We are a solutions-oriented and customer-centric business with a key focus on providing customized solutions that are tailor-made to cater to the energy needs of our clients.

With our residential solar solutions and commercial solar solutions, our focus is on delivering an excellent and cost-efficient system that caters to the varying energy needs of our clients. Our relationship with our clients doesn’t end after installation, we offer a comprehensive solar panel monitoring, operation, and maintenance service to ensure the systems continues to perform for the duration of their lifetime.

Residential Solar Solutions - SystemTrust (ICT) Limited

Our Vision

To provide pure power solutions through innovative technologies, reliable systems and people.

Core Values

Quality Competitive Pricing Integrity and Trust Competence and Commitment Excellent Support

Our Mission

To create innovative, high quality and cost-effective solutions which exceed customer's expectations, thereby adding value to their lives, companies and business experiences

Our Strategy

Listen...Create... Support


We have over 21 years of experience in renewable energy solutions and power backup systems.

Our Customers

SystemTrust is about you - OUR CUSTOMER. Our innovative products and solutions are centred around the customer’s needs. We recognize your need for comfort at home and we designed the Daltron Home Power solution to ensure continuous supply of pure power to your home. We know the needs of your critical Networks, Servers, ATM, Hospital, DataCentre and Telecoms for operational continuity, power purity and precision.

Cost-Effective Solutions

SystemTrust delivers QUALITY and VALUE. Our solutions are COST-EFFECTIVE. You do not have to “break the bank” in order to have world-class solutions or enjoy high quality products and services. We are innovative and flexible in pricing, even as we maintain a non-compromise policy on high quality of products and services.

Care & Protects

SystemTrust CARES. We care about you - our customer. We care about your valuable assets. We listen to your needs and proffer advice or design innovative and reliable solutions to effectively accomplish those needs. We must add tangible value to your life or business, else you do not need us.

Excellent Support

We have excellent support team who are available 24hrs everyday to answer all your enquiries and ensure your system remains up and running.

Our Recent Projects


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