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Factors to Consider before Going Solar

Solar energy is a fast-moving sector in Nigeria today with adoption increasing by the day and new developments happening quickly and often. Of course solar energy can reduce your power costs, make your home or business “greener,” and lower your carbon footprint. But that still leaves a lot of questions about whether solar power is right for you.

The cost of your solar system depends on several factors, including your current energy usage, your available unshaded roof space, your utility’s metering policy and other factors.

Things you need to know before going solar with some help from SystemTrust:


You will need to consider your energy requirements – how much electricity do you use, when do you consume the most electricity, and what appliances do you use regularly? These factors will help determine the type and size of the system you need. These includes anticipating changes in your energy use. A growing family, for example, will face growing energy needs. You can also make some changes to lower your electric use before going solar, such as replacing incandescent bulbs and installing more efficient appliances and devices.


Normally solar panels will be installed as discreetly as possible on your roof, but if you prefer, they can also be erected free-standing elsewhere on your property.

Solar panel orientation is dependent on the installations latitude. As a rule of thumb, solar panels should be installed in a place where they will have maximum exposure to sunlight with as little obstruction as possible.


Look for professionals who can offer you strong warranties, good after sales support and that have a proven track record of solar design, installation and maintenance. SystemTrust (ICT) Limited is an established and reliable brand that you can trust.

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